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La fille des voisins de Haddon Hall expose de l'art à Victoria Hall. Daughter of Haddon Hall neighbors exhibits art at Victoria Hall. 

The interrim board met on October 13 to confirm official board members and set an agenda for a membership meeting and a first official meeting with Minto-Haddon Hall management.

Montreal Property Tax Rates : Property Value 2022-2023

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April 2022 Meeting Notes / 11 avril 2022 Notes de la réunion

 Zoom Meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm on 11 April 2022.


Instructions for meeting using zoom were provided.


Interim board members Robert Ohayon, Gabrielle Bonin, Mitchell Davey, Linda Bujold gave a few introductory remarks about themselves. 


John Hall, Michelle Leveque, Diana Nicholson have also served as interim board members during development, but not present at the start of the meeting. 


Gabrielle Bonin spoke on objectives of association:

Robert Ohayon indicated that this is a meeting for all tenants, not just interim board.

We will begin regular correspondence for tenants as of this meeting. He gave the charge to create a formal, term-serving board accordingly, with volunteers to support the association. The need is for each building to be represented with volunteers.


Gabrielle Bonin added that the board has a small and structured legal purpose and has a limited membership. We need active volunteers for each building to assure the association functions. 


Robert Ohayon covered membership, membership cost ($30 per household per year) and value of the commitment to the health of the association. He made remarks on recruitment. The first step is to talk to our neighbors about the value of membership. 


Membership Growth

After the first wave of recruitment only one third of the Haddon Hall tenants are members of the Association. We have set up the following plan (dates will be addressed later).



Question and comments session

TAL indicates 1.4% (later corrected to 1.9%). Valid increases are related to infrastructure costs and energy costs, but not necessarily by property tax and insurance costs. Recently renovated apartments should already reflect increases. Taxes were frozen in 2021.

Tips and advises on negotiating 2022 rent increases:

1.     It’s understood that one is not asking for any improvement such as installing washing machine & dryer, or repainting the apartment i.e. improvements of the apartment as opposed to maintenance.

2.     If the increase is not in agreement with the 1.9% increase TAL suggests for our type of buildings heated with gas, notify Minto’s Management immediately in writing and make a proposal of how much you want to pay.

3.     Ask for a face-to-face rent-increase negotiation meeting with Minto’s Management. Set your limits to what increase you wish.

4.     If the negotiation doesn’t come to a favorable conclusion, let Minto take you to the TAL. You are not required to take Minto to the TAL.  They must agree with you or take you to the TAL.

5.     Keep the Association posted on any new development so we may share relevant information or take action. In the future, the Association will try to negotiate a set rent-increase for all the tenants. Meanwhile, we advised a few tenants on how to handle their current rent-increase.

Robert Ohayon indicated notes will be published and Byron confirmed the recording and posting of the meeting on the association YouTube video library if needed. (The meeting was conducted in English).


Next board and general meeting will be in June. Meeting was closed at 8:35 pm


Interim Board of Directors:


Robert Ohayon

Gabrielle Bonin-Haskins

Mitchell Davey 

Linda-Lucy Bujold


Resource Volunteers


Joyce Borenstein

Beverley Caplan

Robert Cumming

Byron Haskins

Dawn Kenny

Michèle Levesque

Natalie MacDougall

Diana Thébaud-Nicholson

Winnie Wong